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In order to find your way to any destination, you must have a roadmap. No matter what your starting point, REBS has the tools and systems you will need to take your business to the next level, whatever that is for you.

The REBS Navigator™ shows you the path that you will follow to achieve true time and money freedom. The journey is clear as many others have ascended the difficult path to true business ownership. But few have done it in a way that has left them with a healthy and profitable, systems driven business that doesn’t require their day to day involvement.

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Each step of the journey comes with challenges and pitfalls. No matter where you are in your business, REBS can make your business growth journey easier on you and your loved ones. By providing you with the necessary tools and systems to get to the next level, you will be better equipped for what lies ahead. Instead of fumbling your way through, you will be able to climb The REBS Navigator™ with confidence. 


Let’s look at your business in a whole new way - through the lens of The REBS Drivers™.

The REBS Drivers™ provides a visual illustration of the critical drivers of a leveraged real estate business. These drivers must be managed and strengthened to perform at the highest level and to build a business worth owning. This model applies to any top producing agent wanting to start a team or any existing real estate team that simply isn’t performing as well as it must to be competitive in the future.

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ROADMAP … Developing a Clear Plan To Scale Your Business

The most important part of building a sustainable business is knowing where you are now and creating an effective plan of attack to move forward. Having clarity regarding your future is critical to avoid overwhelm and bad decisions. Staying the course on a proven plan is always better than haphazardly changing directions and making bad business decisions.


MARKETING … Systematically Attracting Buyer & Seller Prospects

Before you can scale your business, you must be able to systematically attract high quality buyer and seller clients. Whether it is digital marketing and social media or direct response methods used for Expireds & FSBOs, you must have a consistent flow of high quality inbound buyer and seller leads.


SALES … Building a Lead Conversion Machine That Works Even When You Don’t

In order to be able to optimize your own sales efforts and to also be able to train up agents that you bring on to your team, you must have a repeatable sales process in place. Everything from the scripts you use on the phone to the presentations you give face-to-face to buyers and sellers, you must begin to look at the sales function in your business as a system rather than something you personally do.


OPERATIONS … Consistently & Systematically Deliver World Class Service

This is where you deliver on the promises you make to your buyer and seller clients. In order to create clients for life, you must be able to deliver a world class client experience. By having processes in place and a systematic way of executing those processes, only then is it possible to deliver a repeatable quality service to your clients. This is the “not so sexy” part of business that most real estate agents fail to focus on …. and it’s where all of your referrals are earned!


FINANCE … Knowing Your Numbers To Achieve Financial Freedom

You must know your numbers or you can’t afford to be in business. Instead of spending more money, you must focus on doing more with what you already spend. Most real estate agents don’t know their numbers and as a result, they have no idea what is going on in their business. Additionally, they are squeamish when it comes to holding those around them accountable. This is a recipe for disaster and will ultimately lead to failure.


PEOPLE … Finding Great People & Enlisting Them In Your Vision

As John Maxwell states “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.

Having the right people in the right seats is critical to your success in building a leveraged real estate business. The process of identifying talent and inspiring them to play at a higher level than they would normally play is the key to building a great team. Results will be sporadic at best unless you learn how to lead and manage people and hold them accountable. Said another way, you will only be as good as your own leadership abilities will allow you to be. Often confused as innate qualities, management and leadership can be learned and there is a process to do so.

The REBS Drivers™ gives you the framework of what it takes to have a strong business that systematically generates high quality leads, appointments, loyal clients and closings. It is the only way to build a sustainable profitable real estate business. To learn how to put it all together, check out The REBS Toolbox™ next.

The REBS Toolbox™ is a complete set of 30 tools to help you build a leveraged real estate business. These tools are the most advanced in the real estate industry and will help to systematically strengthen your business once they are implemented.

REBS training and coaching focuses on helping you implement the following 30 tools as they serve to help strengthen The REBS Drivers™ discussed earlier.

Driver 1: Roadmap

Having a Clear Plan To Scale Your Business

  • Putting Your Life First

  • How You Will Respond To The Market

  • Your Entrepreneurial Dream

  • Becoming a Productivity Warrior

  • How Your Psychology Matters

Driver 2: Marketing

Systematically Attracting Buyer & Seller Prospects

  • What Makes You Different

  • Building a Lead Generation Machine

  • Keeping Score of What Matters

  • Creating Your Marketing Plan

  • Lead Generation Pillar Options

Driver 3: Sales

Building a Lead Conversion Machine That Works

  • Building a Sales Machine

  • Accountability & Activities Tracking

  • Lead Conversion & Management

  • Buyer Client Acquisition Strategies

  • Seller Client Acquisition Strategies

Driver 4: Operations

Consistently & Systematically Deliver World Class Service

  • Creating a High Performance Enviroment

  • Scaling Your Business With Systems

  • Providing World Class Service

  • Gaining Traction in Your Business

  • The Critical Technology Tools You Need

Driver 5: Finance

Knowing Your Numbers To Achieve Financial Freedom

  • Building Your Financial Foundation

  • Becoming The CFO of Your Business

  • Establishing Your Economic Model

  • Expanding Your Profit Drivers

  • Achieving Financial Freedom

Driver 6: People

Finding Great People & Enlisting Them In Your Vision

  • Do You Have What It Takes?

  • Surrounding Yourself w/ Great People

  • The Five Leadership Practices

  • The Five Managment Practices

  • Finding & Hiring Talent

These tools are currently being used in hundreds of the top teams around the country. Once implemented you will join this elite group of top producing agents by systematically strengthening your business.


Once you’ve determined that REBS is the right fit for you, it’s time to get to work. The REBS Freedom Process™ provides a clear path to putting all the pieces together, by focusing on The REBS Drivers™ and incorporating each of tools in The REBS Toolbox™ at the right time and in the right order.

The REBS Freedom Process™ is broken down into 4 distinct phases that are revisited every 90 days:

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Once you commit to becoming a REBS Member, we must build momentum in your business as quickly as possible.

The 90 Day World™. By focusing on 90 day increments at a time, you are able to move your business forward more rapidly. Thinking about a 3 year plan for growth is necessary but you will have trouble moving toward that longer term goal if you don’t “chunk” it down. So every 90 days, we will use The REBS Freedom Process ™ to ensure you are moving in the right direction.


1. Assess

It’s important to take inventory of the critical areas of your business so you know exactly where you are, where you need to go and the specific action steps to get you there. You will focus on The REBS Drivers ™ as a guide for where your business needs attention next.


2. Strategy

You must determine the 3-5 most important tools, systems and strategies to focus on each quarter. So while you may have other items you’re working on in a given quarter, these 3-5 projects (or Rocks) are critical to the growth of your business whether in sales and marketing or leverage through systems and people.


3. Coaching

REBS is a coaching and training company unlike any other in the industry. You will be pushed hard to improve your skills in sales and marketing, leadership and management as well as tracking and finance. Whether through our group coaching calls or accountability calls with your business coach, we will coach you up to become a true business person … and to build a business worth owning.


4. Results

The key to sustainable change is to measure results and be honest with yourself about your progress. REBS provides a framework for the areas of your business that need your attention. The question is...are you doing the work necessary to move you closer to your goal of true business ownership? We will be tough on you when we have to … as we are committed to your growth in this program.

The REBS Freedom Process™ is a testament to our belief system and our mission.

Are you feeling like REBS is a fit for you?

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