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Achieve True Freedom in your real estate business & live your life without regrets


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Scale or Die! is a nuts and bolts guide to building a real estate business that gives you true time and money freedom. Based on the real life journey of Lars Hedenborg, this best seller lays out the good, bad and ugly of building a business from the ground up. Ready to stop being overworked and overwhelmed and start building it the right way so you can avoid regrets in life? Download your FREE digital copy of Scale or Die! today.


scale or die! will HELP YOU...

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All too often we tell ourselves that the secret to success in business is working long hours and putting everything else on the back burner. The truth is, prioritizes the things and people that matters the most is the true measure of success.

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I've been in your shoes. Working endless hours, sacrificing time with my family & friends, etc. This book details my journey to true freedom...the good, the bad, and everything in between. So learn from my mistakes and get inspired by my victories.



Not only is this book real, raw, and inspirational, but it teaches you what you can achieve just by following a step-by-step process. It's time to shift your mindset, redefine your goals, and get re-energized so that you can create the future you deserve!

about the author: Lars Hedenborg

Lars is the host of The Business Freedom Podcast and the Founder of Real Estate B-School, which provides training and coaching for top producing real estate agents and team leaders looking to build sustainable, systems-driven businesses.  

Lars' career in real estate began in March 2007 when he left his corporate job. In his first year, he hustled to close 71 sales but was work 70+ hour weeks, leaving his family life to suffer. This motivated Lars to scale his real estate business so that it could run without him.

Today Lars' team sells hundreds of homes each year and he works just one day a week. Now he's on a mission to help other top agents and team leaders achieve time and money freedom. 

More About Lars
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what others are saying about scale or die!

"The Author coached me & helped me scale my business in 36 months!"

- Dave H.

"I met Lars after I'd been a traditional real estate agent & broker/owner for 14 years. My only answer was always 'work more hours' and I was exhausted. I was ready to give up. Just before I did I made a final move to work with Lars directly and learn how he scaled his business starting in year 1 in The Great Recession. Lars is vulnerable and the first to admit the lessons he's learned in his journey. I learned from all of his mistakes and successes and with his help - scaled my business in just 36 months going from working 80 hours a week Selling 60 homes, to 35 hours a week empowering a team to serve 250 family's in their home-sale in 2019. This is a must read. It'll change your life and business. It did mine."

"A must-read for real estate salespeople and others in financial services marketing."

- Peter D.

"Lars Hedenborg gets right to the basic problem for real estate salespeople and for others in commission-based financial services selling. He clearly lays out the problem of the current limited model where income is closely tied to hours on the job. He goes on to explain exactly what needs to happen to break through these limitations and build a lifestyle where income expands greatly and life balance is restored. Even more importantly, the model helps establish a team of people who benefit as well. Far from being an exploitative model, it is a model where all participants benefit in both income and life balance. One of the best books of the many I've read on the subject!"

"I love it when a plan comes together."

- Jerry W.

"I love that he doesn't just tell you what you need to do, he shows you how to do it. Lars also has a track record. He has built his business and he has helped countless others build theirs as well."

"Take ACTION - Read and Implement!"

- Troy D.

"This book lays out the process for one to really succeed in the real estate business. It's us, as individuals, to take the action needed with both reading and then implementing the tools outlined in the book. This book should be a required read for everyone that's entering into the real estate business."

"Leverage, Leverage, Leverage. It is the only way to move the ball forward!"

- Ryan A.

"Lars presents the way to leverage your Real Estate business in step by step fashion from the Beginner to Advanced professionals. It works! Really. It's Awesome!"

"A blueprint to build a Real Estate Business the serves you."

- Sean L.

"This book was very informative and lays out the blueprint for you to run a successful real estate business. Lars provides clear steps and a systematic approach to building a scalable business. This is a game changer."

You May Be Wondering...

Who is this book for?

Scale or Die! was written for agents and team leaders who are tired of being overworked and overwhelmed, and who are interested in learning about proven tools and systems to help them grow their real estate business and create the future they deserve. 

What is Real Estate B-School?

Real Estate B-School provides the tools, systems and strategies through unique training programs to help real estate agents and team leaders achieve true business freedom & live a life without regrets.

Can I truly gain financial freedom while working less hours?

Absolutely! As real estate agents and team leaders, we're programmed to think that working long hours, answering client calls at all hours of the day, and being available 24/7 is the only way to achieve success in the industry. But the truth is, the real success comes when you're able to put the things that matter the most first and stop overwhelming yourself and your team. 

What steps can I take today to get on the path to true time and money freedom?

If you're burned out and tired of being overwhelmed here are a few ways Real Estate B-School can help: 

  1. Sign up for our NEW Business Foundations Program
    Ready to get started on your journey to growing your real estate business? As a member of our all NEW Business Foundations program, you’ll get exclusive access to the tools you need to transform from an overworked real estate agent or team leader to a profitable real estate business owner!
  2. Get a Plan for Predictable Success despite the Current Realities of the Market.
    This short 15-minute training will show you that predictable real estate success is possible even during these crazy times! Find out how to implement the systems and strategies to scale your business despite the current market shift!
  3. Get Instant Access to our Masterclass Training Series.
    Learn how to apply the same tools, systems, and strategies I used over the last 12+ years to go from a struggling solo agent making roughly $20 per hour in 2008-2009 to building a sustainable, profitable real estate team where I now earn over $500 per hour.
  4. Subscribe to The Business Freedom Podcast.
    Join me on The Business Freedom Podcast where I talk about the good, bad and ugly of building a highly profitable, systems driven real estate team.