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Lars Hedenborg, Founder of Real Estate B-School

About Your Host

Lars Hedenborg's “Attract, Convert, Deliver & Scale” model for building sustainable real estate businesses is widely used across the country. He has worked with hundreds of top producing agents and team leaders to scale their business to $1M+ GCI and get them out of the daily grind. 

Since 2013, Lars has been the go-to business coach for top producing agents who want higher quality leads, more buyer and seller appointments, more happy clients, and more closed transactions. Lars works with team leaders who understand that Real Estate B-School offers the most comprehensive set of tools and systems in the real estate industry.

His signature tools and systems are built around scaling processes for attracting leads, converting them to clients and delivering the highest quality of service every time.

His mission is clear ... to help top producing real estate agents and team leaders build highly profitable businesses through the use of sustainable systems and empowered people in order to systematically increase net worth and time away from the office ... and have less stress!