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How Christina Valkanoff Produced $50 Million in Volume Without Giving Up Time With Her Family

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About Christina: Christina got into real estate at age 18, and by the time she graduated college she'd started her own team. Within 3 years, she was named one of the top 30 under 30 according to Realtor's Magazine! She was always chasing a certain production number or accolade, yearning to be on top 10 lists or win awards. She was getting burnt out by chasing something that wasn't important at the expense of sleep or spending time with her husband and children.

Her work with REBS:   When Christina joined REBS, she  took a close look at her team and realized she wasn't surrounding herself with the right people. She did a lot of work on how she hires and what matters most when someone joins her team. She also started to prioritize and block out her schedule so that she can enjoy her career and have personal time. One of Christina's favorite things about working with REBs was that Lars pushed her out of her comfort zone, while also offering her a community of supporting peers to bounce questions and concerns off of.

Results: Christina had a major mindset shift regarding measuring success. Growth for her is now means having a profitable business that creates the life that she wants to live for herself and her family. She now has a great team with the ability to really grow, and grow the right way. 

Find out how her focus on her personal values have driven her business growth and allow her to experience absolute time and money freedom

What You Will Learn From Christina:


[3:17]   How she changed her mindset towards business to prevent burn out and an imbalanced life

[5:27]   How she surrounded herself with people that wanted to help her to achieve her vision

[5:58]   How she started focusing on her schedule and the power of clarity breaks

[8:43]   Her struggles to find the right people who fit her core values 

[11:28]   How she manages to achieve business growth while putting her personal priorities first

[15:17]  How the REBS Community pushed her to change her mindset and create a business that makes her truly happy in all aspects of her life


To take your business to the next level just like Christina did, book your own Business Growth Strategy Session with us now!

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What You Will Get From This FREE Business Growth Strategy Session:


  • What does your business look like today?
  • Are you a solo agent? Do you have a team? How do you currently lead generate, serve your clients and manage your referral relationships?
  • Get ready to look at your business in a whole new way through the lense of the Real Estate B-School Drivers and Freedom Process.


  • What do you want your business to look like 2-3 years?
  • Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to be in production? Do you have the necessary systems and people in place?
  • What areas are you struggling in from sales and marketing to systems and people that will hinder you from getting to your goal?


  • How will you grow your business to match your 2-3 year vision?
  • We will identify the critical leverage points in your business so you can maximize your time to get more done while working less hours.
  • You will leave with an actionable plan to create a strong business that systematically generates high quality leads, appointments, loyal clients and closings.

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